New Patreon Offering Premium Support and Skills

Hello Everyone,

In order to be able to provide more higher end skill development and content I have started a Patreon for people to be able to help support me and the solutions I come up with for the community.

I’m offering to all $1 pledgers access to a custom mattermost server where you can suggest upcoming skills you would like to be created and for $5 even get premium level support and special updates that aren’t released by me anywhere else.

Thanks again, just another way I hope to provide some more premium content to those wanting it. Some of the skill offerings would include more advanced skills like Lyft, Advanced Home Automation Skills, Premium IoT skills, and anything else that is asked for by the patreon community. Come join and help drive the content that is created and offered. All $5 members will gain access to all content and skills released.

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