New OpenEmbedded Support for Mycroft

Yocto/OpenEmbedded now has Mycroft support! You can see the recipe here:

Anyone who wants to use Mycroft in their OE project just needs to add this to their local.conf (or distro conf):

## Install mycroft

## Ensure pulse audio is spawned
DISTRO_FEATURES += " pulseaudio"
PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-pulseaudio = " autospawn-for-root"

After that it will automatically setup and run on boot, no manual work required.


Hey Alistair, this is great, thanks for sharing it.

Did you create the recipe?

I’m curious what other hardware you’ve tried it on?

Yeah, I did create the recipe.

I have been testing it on a RISC-V development board and it works pretty well.

I have a patch ready to send out (just needs a little more testing) that bumps the version and fixes the mising flac dependency. So hopefully by the end of the week that will be merged. In the meantime you will need to manually install flac unfortunately.


Everything is updated in meta-openembedded, so the recipe is ready to go! No extra dependencies are required

Nice, maybe it’s time for me to get myself a RISC-V dev board… :slight_smile:


Real nice @alistair23 going to give it a try. I was actually looking at integrating Mycroft into our new all scenarios os project (All Scenarios OS Project Documentation — All Scenarios OS 0.1.99 documentation). We are out trying to build a distributed consumer devices o.s. based on yocto and one of the reference devices we want to release by end of 2021 is a gateway with smart assistant. Ultimately device makers are he main members of this project - it would be great to have not only a R PI4 reference blueprint, but also have official Mycroft devices built with allscenarios. @gez-mycroft if interested ping me back.


For inspiration or code, have a look here;

Not yocto based, but Buildroot based. But similar enough. :wink:

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Very nice. We are building on top of Yocto / bitbake though, will have to move from Buildroot to that.

I have cloned and looking into it - helps a lot. Thanks. Becoming familiar with how mycroft works myself right now. I really love the fact one is not bound to a cloud service and can fall back to a edge AI network.

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Current recipe is 19.8.1 are there any plan to update to latest 21.2.0 ?
I am wondering if support of offline STT backend have improved since.

If curious, I’ll share my experiences also at:

I don’t have any plans unfortunately, but it should be straightforward to bump the version.

The hardest part is just testing it.

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Hi @alistair23 I wanted to thank you and report that use your recipe on top on AllscenariOS.

A a couple of hacks I am trying to upstream starting with:

More help will be needed with speech_recognition orphaned dependency too:

Stay tuned on related links