New Mark II Colors

New colors for the Mark II are coming your way. The first color was unlocked this morning at $200k and we expect the next color to be an option soon at $210k. Keep sharing the project.

And now is a good time to back if you are interested in a camera option. That perk was quietly added late last week.

Head over to the Kickstarter to see all of the new activity.


Now that you’re running a second campaign for the same thing (i.e. the Indiegogo campaign), is there any chance we might see some additional colors?

I’d really love to have the “green” one when the Kickstarter survey thing comes out…

It’s fairly expensive to set up a new color from a production point of view; but it will be dependent on how much is raised in Indiegogo.

Ah okay… Let’s hope for a good run with the Indiegogo campaign then, @KathyReid.

Thanks for your reply!

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Not completely out of the possibility. We would need the design team to let us know what a break even would be. For crowdfunding it is very easy to have scope creep with additional features if you are not careful.

I know there were several who expressed interest in other colors. Green and the coral were the next most popular I believe, even though Joshua expressed dislike for the coral.

I wonder if someone who wants some really oddball color that would make no sense to do a full run for will try doing something like to a white one? :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve done custom colors on the Mark I. When conversations came up about incentives for Mark II referral contest Joshua mentioned we should do something similar for gold Mark II. Darren is a master at paint application. @Darren-Mycroft

i would like my mark1 to be black, you have a really cool video showing a black painted one!

Yep, that was Darren. We have had a few people pay extra for the black versions and one time happened around the last Star Wars movie. As you can tell, he enjoys his work.

Ah, cool. Any idea what sort of paint he uses?

IIRC the main advantages to the vinyl dye is that you can use it on things like keyboards/mice/buttons/&c. that see a lot of handling and it won’t wear off like normal paint will, and also it’s less likely to obscure fine texturing, but the downside is that it usually doesn’t come in quite as many colors as other paints do.

I’ve also heard mixed reviews on things like Krylon Fusion which supposedly “bonds” better with plastics than normal paints, although still not as well as vinyl dye. (I think it has extra kinds of solvents added to it compared to most paints to accomplish that?)

Or maybe he has some other sort of more specialised paint that I don’t know about. :man_shrugging:

(On a side note, another fun option might be a run of transparent shells. Kind of like those transparent phones that you used to see now and then, where you could see all the insides. Whatever happened to those things, anyways? Or the inside could be painted for an effect similar to the older iMac/iBook-style devices perhaps. I’m sure people would come up with all sorts of ideas for such a thing.)


We have done some pretty wild colors - there are a couple hydro dipped ones and they’re pretty cool. I’d love to do a fun color/colors - if you have some suggestions I’m completely up for it.

As far as paint - I use Krylon Fusion. Our housings are made from your average ABS so it bonds really well with a good sanding. A few light coats then a final spray + 3/4 coats of clear and presto - you have “Darth Mycroft” :robot:

Here’s a link to some of the colors:


While I rather quite like flat black and would probably get one in black if I had the money to get one (I may have rattlecanned my entire bike flat black, handlebars, rims, and all), and the sparkly black is rather interesting too, something just came to mind that would probably look pretty wild…

Just remembered this novelty pen I had years ago, one of the fat ones with a different push-down slider to select each of like 10+ colors. (So I know this is somehow doable on plastic, because I’ve seen this effect on plastic before.) After a little searching, the effect is called “neo-chrome”. Not sure that that’s something that can be just sprayed on, though. (Also it might make you halfway expect it to start randomly blasting out synthwave or something… :stuck_out_tongue: )