New install on Mageia 8 Linux


Recently, I installed Mycroft on my main Mageia machine. The installation appears OK and Mycroft starts when commanded, but there seem to be some files missing from my machine:


As Mageia is based upon Red Hat, it is entirely possible that RH RPMs could be installed as substitutes. However, inspection shows that there is a pygobject3-devel and a lib64fann-devel present.

Not sure what to do next. Any suggestions?

It sounds like you’ve installed Mycroft-core. That’s abandonware, but there is a maintained option. You’ve met this community at a very unusual time.

Here’s some more information. Please feel free to follow up! I think you’d be the new crew’s first Mageia user.

If push absolutely comes to shove, we can fix you up with a Dockerized assistant.