New here and with some questions?

Hello everyone,

I’m new here and before putting issues in the skills, I prefer to ask if I’m doing something wrong.
I have mycroft core installed on a linux. And I ask him through the CLI.
First, can we know what skills I have installed? Is there a command to tell me that? It would be interesting some option to inform me of the skills installed and in what state they are.
Then, I found some strange result. The skill duckduckgo answers me … sometime.
If I ask “Who is the president of the United States?” MyCroft answers me correctly, understand that through DuckDuckGo, is it correct? But if I ask him “Who is the president of Spain?”, He opens the skills of the RNE radio. If I ask “What is the Little Norway festival in Alaska?” He tells me he does not understand me.
I am doing something wrong? Should I open issues in the skills in order to improve?

Thanks a lot!!

Hi @Patata

When starting in debug mode (i.e. all services + CLI) Mycroft should list the skills it is attempting to load, and whether or not they have loaded properly.

Welcome @Patata, great to have you here.

How to tell which Skills you have installed

The easiest way to do this on Linux is to use the Mycroft Skills Manager - msm

~/mycroft-core $ ./msm/msm list

You can also do an ls -las in the /opt/mycroft/skills which will give you a directory listing.

Intention collisions

The DuckDuckGo questions are likely conflicting with the Intents defined in the RNE Skill. For example, the keyword ‘Spain’ is likely to trigger the RNE Skill. The DuckDuckGo Skill has a higher order of precedence than the RNE Skill, because the DuckDuckGo Skill is a fallback Skill - a Skill which is triggered only if another Skill does not match to the Intent.

oook, I understand. Thanks!!
About de collision, I understand that it’s because of the “Spain” world, but, I think that this trigger is too strict, I don’t try, but if I ask about Spain football league, It wouldn’t start the RNE. In these cases, is it best to open an issue? Or try talking to the developer of the skill?

Hey @Patata, the first thing I would do here is better understand the Intents themselves, so that we can better understand why the collision is happening.

We can see the Intents that are defined in a Skill by looking at its code, specifically the vocab directory. The vocab directory defines the phrases that will trigger the Skill. This may sometimes use regular expressions. We know that the Duck Duck Go Skill is a fallback Skill, so we know that if the Utterance is being handled by Duck Duck Go that it has not been handled by the RNE Skill.

So, if we have a look at the vocab defined for the RNE Skill:

we can see all the phrases that will match.

There is nothing about the Spain football or Spanish football so the RNE Skill won’t trigger on these Utterances.

Thank you for the reply, but… sure??
If I ask about “Spain football” and in the Intents of this Skill is the vocab “spain” … Wouldn’t that trigger it?
In my example, I asked about “Spain president”, and there isn’t any phrases that match with it.

Are you able to let us know which Utterances are triggering? That would help us diagnose this further? They should be in your mycroft-skills.log.