Neon install and mycroft shipments

has anyone started using Neon? If so ,didn’t install the first time. I have ordered neon and hope it will work.
my mycroftII only worked for a few days. about 4 skills kind of worked. Now i just watch the spinning wheel to nowhere as it won’t down load. So i’m hoping neon will be a fix.
I have a second mycroft ordered and paid for. It was suppose to ship in Jan. But have not recieved it.
has anyone recieved a mycroftII recently?
looking for some feedback

I got my Mark II in December. I have a Neon USB. I have unfortunately been swamped with life stuff and haven’t had as much time. Also, the announcement that Mycroft is slowing/shuttering operations really sucked the wind from my sails.

I’ve got NEON. On basically the same day I heard mycroft was closing shop my unit had stopped booting, so I thought I was done for other than hacking it to repurpose the unit. But the neon USB they sent me booted right up. I don’t think I’ve even logged in to it. I think they are still working on a few things, but it’s currently doing about the same things as mycroft was doing, plus maybe a little more.

My thing is (and I think this is coming soon) I really want to be able to play media from my own folders or my NAS. And I can’t really do that yet. But I think it may be able to work right now.

I have it sitting here idling in front of me right now. turned the mic to mute and I suspect after a couple more emails from the neon group I’ll probably try some new things maybe have it to an OTA update when those happen.

Wish I could tell you it was turnkey for all the things I want to do but I think it’s basically a good replacement and I think it’s gonna get better. I submitted a smal report about something and I think they fixed what I asked but I haven’t seen whether that fix or update is in a release I’ll be able to get soon. With these startups and beta software you never know when big things drop so could be any time a release gives a lot more stuff.


I haven’t had the time but I do want to get setup and move my efforts to Neon. I was going to try and work with Dinkum but that seems untenable with the announcement they’re closing up shop.