Neon: How to exit audio player?

I just bought a Mycroft Mark II and have been playing around with it after browsing the forum, online docs, and the tips included in the box. I decided to skip Dinkum and started with Neon.

I tried a number of suggested commands. When I tried “play jazz”, it brought up a player UI and started playing music. The various controls worked, such as pause, play, etc., but I couldn’t figure out how to exit the player and get back to the home screen.

How to do that?



Hi @jps, to return to the main screen from the music player, stop the music with a verbal command or by pressing the square “stop” icon. Then repeat the verbal command or press the square icon again and you’ll be returned to the main screen.

Another option to return to the main screen is to slide down the pull-down menu from the top of the screen, and choose “home” to return to the main screen.

Once on the main screen, touch the square “stop” button again to exit the music player.

I’m happy to hear you’ve been exploring your Mark II. Making those exit commands more clear is on our to-do list. Please let me know if you need any other support, or have suggestions to improve our OS.