Neon Core Release 24.2.29

Neon Core 24.2.29 is now released :tada: .

You can ask Neon on your Mark 2 to “check for updates”.

Highlighted Changes:

  • Adds ARM64 Docker support (thanks to @dblencowe!)
  • Deprecates Mycroft backwards-compat. references
  • Updates resource file handling for ovos-workshop compat.
  • Updates core modules for better dependency compat.
  • Updates skills and plugins to latest versions
  • Updates extra dependency specs per PEP503

This release adds support for more platforms beyond the Mark 2 and comes with the usual bugfixes and stability improvements. It also sets us up for the next round of new features and updates. :slight_smile:


(Inexperienced with the forum, apologies if posting to wrong/non-optimal location)

I upgraded my Mycroft II to 24.2.29. All good with one nit - when I query for local sunrise/sunset times the answers are incorrect.

Solution: I ssh’d into the unit and had to fix the time zone in the OS:

$ sudo timedatectl set-timezone UTC

followed by a reboot

Mycroft would then report the correct sunrise/sunset time for my locale

Background & Extra Info:

*) I originally identified this ‘feature’ some time ago when learning/experimenting with PiCroft on a Pi 4

*) I am in the Phoenix metro area; after I had run the upgrade to 24.2.29 my Mycroft correctly retained my location and timezone as Phoenix / Mountain Standard Time. The sunrise/sunset times were just whack:

  *) My local sunset for today (3/7/24) is reported by my GPS as 6:31 PM
  *) Mycroft was telling me "The sun will go down at half past two today"
  *) timedatectl was reporting the timezone as Los Angeles (PST, -0800) before my fix
  *) Funny thing, the error in Mycroft reported sunset does not make sense to me even considering the
      time offsets for either Los Angeles (UTC-0800) or Phoenix (UTC-0700) before correction by the
      timedatectl command

*) This drove me nuts until I figured out the fix

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Thanks for the bug report and solution :slight_smile: . It’s interesting that changing system time did anything since nothing in the assistant should be using that; times are almost always UTC (or epoch time) which is then formatted by Neon into the user’s timezone.

Just to confirm, the time on the screen was always in your timezone and it was just the sunrise/sunset that was off?

Correct - the error was only sunrise/sunset. The displayed time was always accurate.

I see there is an open issue for this already so I’ve added a comment linking back to this post.

Thank you for noting that this is related to system time. The core parts of this skill came from Mycroft since they put a lot of good work into supporting a lot of intents, but I suspect they also made some assumptions about the OS being set to UTC based on the fix here.

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