Neon cannot check for updates and main screen issues

It’s Monday and the Neon home screen on my Mark II is showing the date from several days ago.

I ask ‘Neon, what day is it?’ and I get the correct response, but the screen does not update.

I stated, ‘Neon, reboot’. Neon gives me the confirmation statement/code to reboot, says it will take a bit, but never reboots.

I manually reboot Neon and once booted, it does not go to the home screen.

I pull down the menu to go to the home screen and the date is now correct.

The time stays correct, but the temp looks wrong (it is showing 100 and I know it is only 90).

I ask, “Neon, what’s the temperature?”. Neon replies it is 90, but doesn’t update the screen to be correct.

I state, “Neon, check for updates” and Neon states “Sorry, I wasn’t able to check for software updates”.