Neon AI New Version - 23.12.10 Released - improvements "under the hood", and announces when it's RTG after booting

Neon 23.12.20 is now available :tada:

“Hey Neon, Check for Updates”


  • adds a “core ready” skill to announce when Neon is started
  • adds improved timing metrics and optional reporting
  • includes updates to dependency skills and plugins
  • removes non-pip skill installation support
  • removes duplicated resource files

Release 23.12.20 · NeonGeckoCom/NeonCore

*If you haven’t made the jump to Neon OS 2.0, we have instructions here
*Lately I’ve been deep in our Collaborative Conversational AI project, and put a PowerPoint presentation I made about it up on our website to share.
I hope it will spark some cool ideas for people, and help those looking to understand more about LLMs, generative AI and our work beyond private personal assistants.
(Input always welcome. :slight_smile: )