Neon AI introduction by NeonClary

Several people have asked me about Neon AI, the company making the Neon OS for the Mark II, so I thought it would be appropriate to introduce us in more detail.

We’ve developed for Linux, Android, servers, desktops, and of course the Mark II. We’re a small company, but a stable one. Our “home” is in Bellevue, Washington, USA and we have a global team. You’ll find our corporation’s name, Neongecko, on our GitHub account, but doing business as “Neon AI” seems more fitting given our focus on artificial intelligence.

The Neon AI OS is our user-ready operating system for the Mark II. Our repositories are publicly available on Github and community contributions are welcomed. The Neon Mark II OS includes a version of Neon Core.

Neon Core is made to be a customizable starting point for a variety of AI applications (i.e. voice assistants). Developers may like to know that we have an alternative to Mycroft AI’s Selene, DIANA, which automates the setup and installation of backend applications. DIANA makes Conversational AI applications development faster and more reliable by providing a full collection of utilities for common enterprise administration tasks that can easily be extended.

Things we’ve made with Neon Core include:

  • A voice user interface to give customized directions and information within a mall or store. Imagine asking the mall kiosk where you can get some coffee, or asking a kiosk at the hardware store where to find 220 grit sandpaper on, and getting asked if you need it in sheets or precut circles, then told exactly where to find it and how much is in stock.
  • Patient care assistant.
  • Covid-19 questions screener.
  • Interactive assembly instructions voice assistant.
  • Neon Nano, to embed your customized chatbat directly into your website.

Other projects we’re working on right now include:

  • Foreign language TTS and STT optimized for offline use, and inclusive of minority languages. We are adding new languages every few weeks. STT Demo TTS Demo
  • A next-level social media space. It’s a forum where humans and chatbots can interact by voice as well as text, and across language barriers with immediate translation. Our beta version is almost ready.

You can download our Neon AI OS, a Quick Start Guide & Skills Quick Reference from Our Neon OS image can be burned directly onto any USB, though we recommend a USB 3.1 flash drive (or an SSD for even better performance). We understand that many users would prefer to have this done for them, so we created the option to order a USB from us instead, on our Square page. If you’d like to do some testing, developing, or a review of the Neon OS please message me for a coupon code. Nothing formal required. Worldwide offer.

We at Neon AI are passionate about privacy first, open source, voice user interfaces. We’re proud to be part of the engaged, robust community which formed around Mycroft, OVOS, and Neon, and will do everything we can to support it.

I hope this has been a helpful introduction. Please visit our Matrix community to continue the conversation, or to read more about us.


@NeonClary - Nice informative post - thanks!

-Mike Mac
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ayo can I get this for raspberry pi so I can do this without mycroft?

Yes, but it takes some tinkering right now to get it running. Making it simple enough for non-dev users is on our to-do list. You can read more and download various versions on our website, and the code is all up on GitHub.