Neon AI and OpenVoiceOS (OVOS) Are Taking the Lead on Mycroft Core Development

In true partnership Neon AI and OVOS are taking on the continued development of the Mycroft core repositories. Neon AI will continue to add both features and polish to our Neon AI OS and Personal Assistant for the Mark II.

There have been many codebase enhancements already, and we’re excited to have many more on the way. OVOS and Neon have implemented substantial, widely requested features that extend the original project, such as support for offline operation and Home Assistant, configurable backend services and servers, and a modularized core suitable for deployment to unique systems - all while retaining compatibility with the myriad Mycroft community skills.

We value Mycroft, Neon, and OVOS community contributions, and are committed to engaging and supporting community members in creating the best privacy-first personal assistant and voice applications.

We hope that knowing that you have the support of OVOS and Neon AI, you will renew your enthusiasm for development and participation. Our first goal is to make sure Mycroft users benefit from all of the skills and improvements that have been added to the Neon and OVOS Core and Skills over the past 2 years. There is so much for this community to build on, and so many new horizons opening up with recent advances such as LLM integration.

For those who have never heard of us, we would like to reassure you that Neon AI and OVOS developers are longtime Mycroft contributors, in an excellent position to live up to the thread title.

Neon AI is a longtime Mycroft channel partner and contributor to OVOS. We are committed to producing privacy-first, open-source applications for business and personal use. One of those is our Mark II operating system, an easy-to-use conversational AI and personal assistant.

OpenVoiceOS (OVOS) is a team of Mycroft “classic” contributors, originally formed to maintain code that Mycroft was unable to manage while the Mark II was under heavy development. OVOS is in the midst of becoming a non-profit! It’s their intention to build a small- to midsize, privacy-centered, open source operation, with a mission to support the Mycroft Neon OVOS ecosystem. Neon AI is pleased to support OVOS core development.

Together, Neon and OVOS will foster a welcoming and productive open source community, positioned to see our shared technology far into the future, and to provide the best privacy-respecting voice assistants and applications.

Thank you for being a member of the Mycroft developer community. We look forward to working with each of you!


Neon AI

Neon AI
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