Need to work on your ego

Me: Hey Mycroft
Me: who is Joshua Montgomery
Mycroft: I don’t know who that is

I enjoyed the FLOSS weekly episode ( I watch it fairly regularly) with Joshua. It got me excited about Mycroft again.


Haha, glad you enjoyed the episode!

We are actually working on a project that will allow Mycroft to dynamically learn for questions just like this, so stay tuned! In the meantime I’ll see if Josh wants to introduce himself to Mycroft more formally.

I was just thinking that if anyone is looking for a small project to learn about Mycroft Skills development, it would be an interesting addition to the Mycroft Personal Skill. You could add an intent that scrapes our Team page for some basic info, or return short bio’s from a pre-defined list.

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I am interested. I am new to this but i am eager to learn it. What is the next step?

Hi Bastiaan,

You would want to start by either creating a new Skill using MSK, or forking the skill mentioned above.

If you haven’t played with Skill intents before, it would be worth making a few example intents first so you can see how a very simple one works. Checkout our Hello World Skill for a pretty straight forward example.

The simplest form of this project would then have two extra parts:

  1. How do you fetch the data from our website
    For scraping, many people use Beautiful Soup. This article from FreeCodeCamp might be a good start.
  2. How do you format that data in a way that makes sense for voice output? What do you want the Skill to speak, and how do you pass that data to your Skills dialog files?
    Imagining that your Skill had a file, it might contain something like:
{name} is the {role} at Mycroft AI

in our Skill we can then call:

self.speak_dialog('', {
    'name':  extracted_name,
    'role': extracted_role

Where we have assigned the variables extracted_name and extracted_role to values that we scraped from the website.