Need a good skill creator

Need someone to help me with coding I am making an gui to make it like an application but also I am adding some few things to the android application.
I need someone to help me to make some skills like this we can work faster, 2 brain is better than one.
An example of skills I am curently working on is gmail ( mycroft read your emails )
I have many other ideas, if you are interessed please contact me (I speak french too )

Hello runajailbr,

I can help you and I speak french too :slight_smile: . But I think someone is already working on a Gmail Skill.

For this kind of demand, Slack is a better place :wink: :

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I second everything DarkSide said – Slack is better for quick conversations between just a couple people that aren’t valuable to archive for future reference.

Additionally, you can find efforts already underway to build individual Skills (or efforts that have already finished!) on the Mycroft SkillHub under our GitHub account. Go to the repo at The skills listed there can be used directly or as references and/or you can join in the development of them.