[Navigation] navigation control like Player skill

Skill navigation control Interface

Mycroft has achieved a lot in recent years. mycroft accompanies me quickly throughout the day. except for the car, navigation and temperature control are important here.

since there are many different navigation systems, simple implimentation will be beneficial. my vision is an interface like the audio player function. this has greatly contributed to the spread of mycroft in the car too

As a driver, I do not always want to search for switches or buttons.

There are various navigation systems such as Google Maps, Navit … all would benefit

  • Do you know the way to Kansas in the 39th Street 300 E
    ** yes overrun the route to Kansas
  • I have to refuel
    ** search gas station
  • how far is it to New York
    ** 300 miles
  • how long is it to the finish
    ** you have to drive for another 2 hours
  • where am i just going

Ideas are always welcome.

I see this on an ideal future. Mycroft, which is the AI in your home, is also your travel companion, not just on the car, but on the mobile phone or watch, so you can not just get directions to go somewhere, but also using Mycroft to “make sure my home lights are off” while driving or strolling, or use the communication skill to talk to someone besides another of your Mycroft devices.

That being said, for this skill to work, you’ll need a device on your car, a rpi or similar, and it would be great if it also has a graphical interface (it will be available with the mark’s II launch) and a GPS, besides an open source routing engine based on openstreet maps, which are quite good and doesn’t compromise your privacy (yet as far as I know, it doesn’t have real-time traffic information and route modifications like google maps has).

Besides, it would be cool if Mycroft could low the radio volume when it speaks4 or when it listens to you for a new petition.

Well, just dreaming… I’m quite confident that day will come, I just hope will be Mycroft and not the big guys who get it.

hey i have start make a example skill https://github.com/gras64/navigation-example-skill but i need a api or interface. have everyone an idea.

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Openroute perhaps?



I have now completed the example navigation skill https://github.com/gras64/navigation-example-skill. I wonder if and how I can integrate the skill so that other developers have an easier time integrating an API