Name picroft image wrong?

Maybe it’s just a small thing and maybe it isn’t even wrong but here I go. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has brought out their newest images (since 2019-06-20) on top of Debian Buster. The website still mentions the name Stretch, both on the download pages (here ) and on the “Get Started” page at the “downloads” sectionhere. It’s not a huge thing but accuracy is always nice.
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The picroft images are still on Stretch at the moment.

Yep, no typo, all official Picroft images are still Stretch so will not work on the RPi 4.

It’s entirely possible to install Mycroft on the Pi 4 if you have one already though:

I guess I am confused because the version number on Raspbian is 2019-07-10 and your version number is 2019-07-20. I figured that, because the number on your download page is later, the version would be the same. I do understand thought, as updating your image takes time. Thank you for clearing it up!

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