Myycroft Mark I failed again. Possible bad SD card?

My Mark I has failed again, in a similar manner to the prior failure. At the moment, if I boot it up, the eyes spin in a bluish-gray color, pause now and then, and keep spinning. The last behavior before this state was I requested it to turn on the porch light, and it jammed up. I could use the wheel to see options, but I couldn’t pick any. After half an hour with no change, I pulled the plug and re-connected it. Now, spinning…

Since this repeats the prior pattern of running for some weeks then going out to breakfast, lunch and tea, I’m suspicious that I may have a bad SD card.

I figured I’d ask if anyone here has had a similar problem before I image a new card and slap it in. So, has anyone had similar symptoms?


(The really annoying bit is that I just got Mycroft talking to my OpenHAB controller to operate my lights a week or two ago.)

And I don’t notice the misspelled Mycroft until AFTER I submitted the topic.

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I have experienced similar erratic behaviour of my Mark-I that disappered as soon as I replaced the SD-card with a fresh one…

Hi. I have two Mark 1 units. One was working a couple of days ago but today I noted the time was frozen and no response to wake up. So I power cycled. Eyes spin for about a minute then go yellow. Nothing further. So then I examined my other unit. It’s in exactly the same condition. I attempted to SSH but no response, falling back to a simple ping and also dead. So I will get to connecting a screen and keyboard but I think they are dead in the water. Summats up!

Further to this report. Both units have now been examined. Both have severe corruption of their SD cards and are unable to start. Considering these unit are of differing ages then this seems rather odd. When I find some time I will look at replacing the cards and rebuilding these two. Sadly the usefulness of these units is pretty low so their resurrection is equally low on the priorities list.

Thanks for the information. This makes me suspicious of the state of the Mark I. That being said, I have a new SD card on the way and will attempt to set up the Mark I again.

We’ll see what happens.

Also, (I should have said this sooner, but the brain is out of sorts) over two weeks, strange display habits were happening. One or more eye pixels would change color. The time display/mouth would corrupt. This got worse until the lockup.

I experienced this behaviour as well. As you have to open the Mark-I for the changing the SD-card anyway, make sure that all cables that connect to the front plate PCB are not running over or near the loudspeaker in order to avoid any radio interference.

I also had some problems yesterday with my Mark 1. It was hanging with yellow eyes. I changed the sd card about a month ago, so that should not be the issue. Did not react when I used the button to reboot it. Did a hard reset, and it worked again. I suspect it was the maintenance they did on

I’ve got Mycroft running again. I’m reloading the skills, and have got my lights under voice control again. I installed a new SanDisk 128GB SD card, we’ll see if that helps after a few weeks/months.

Now I can be really lazy and turn off the bedroom light after going to bed. zzzzz…

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