Myocroft integration with Ubuntu Core

Hi all.

Sorry if this is covered in the forum already. I didn’t see anywhere that it is.

I have Ubuntu Core running. I don’t have the ability to do apt-get or anything like that.

I looked the the snap applications and didn’t see anything for Mycroft. Has this been created for Snap yet?
I read where it was being developed like 2-3 months ago, but haven’t seen any updates.
I am wondering if it is available.

If not do you have a way to install on Ubuntu core currently?
Would it be a more feasible option to wait until you do have the snap application up and running and when do you expect to have it ready?

I think having Mycroft with Ubuntu Core would be pretty interesting. I would have to do more research to see if’s possible since ubuntu core doesn’t have any apt-get packages and Mycroft currently heavily relies on those as dependencies