MyMQTTSkill on RPi3

I have just installed picroft image on my Rpi3. Works out of the box.
Good work!
The mic is my webcam. I installed MyMQTT skill. It works partially. It recognizes vocabulary and actions like turn tv on. But I am getting “An error occurred while processing a request in MyMQTTSkill”. I think it has something to do with communication to my server.
This is my conf:
“MyMQTTSkill”: {
“protocol”: “mqtt”,
“mqtt-host”: “”,
“mqtt-port”: “1883”,
“mqtt-auth”: “no”,
“mqtt-user”: “”,
“mqtt-pass”: “”
My MQTT server does not requires authentication. Any help appreciated.

I changed my MQTT server to require authentication and changed conf accordingly. The error still occurs.
How to debug this?

Hello! I’m glad it’s partially working, especially the Picroft out of the box!
You might create an issue on the repository of the skill, maybe the creator could help you?

This is resolved now, I have also added SSL support

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Thank you, Jamie Howard.

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