Mycrofts in every room

How would one setup multi mycrofts? I want one in every room.

Is it configuring each one, installing skills etc, or are there a way to centralize a setup - one server and rest clients ?
For the moment I am using picroft.


Andlo - In theory each skill stores its settings on using a hash that is unique to that version of the skill. So you’d only have one setting that will replicate to each device.

In practice, this isn’t quite working properly yet. Sometimes it works this way and I cheer! Sometimes it doesn’t and I end up with multiple settings for the same skill.

@steve.penrod is working on this with the backend team @augusto.monteiro and Matheus Lima ( who’s tag I can’t seem to find ).

In a perfect world skill settings will automatically replicate among devices and, importantly, instances such as an Android App, IoS App, KDE Desktop, Windows Desktop, etc.

Anyway, while we are in Beta this experience is going to suck for a while, but we’ll get it right by 19.02.

Now that Precise is about ready for production ( it is soooooooo much better than Pocket Sphynx ), we also need to work on only triggering the unit closest to the speaker. At my home I have a unit on my desk and a unit in my kitchen ( and one in my bathroom and - soon - one in my bedroom ) and when I say “Hey, Mycroft” it triggers both at the same time. We’re looking at using the LAN to determine which unit should respond.


Great. I will look forward to mycroft in every room :slight_smile:



I was wondering has there been any updates regarding multi room setup, and the ability to speak with the closest mycroft?

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Hi there! We’ve been focused on the Mark 2 software recently, so no updates as yet. If you’re interested in helping out with this functionality I can bring you up to speed/