MycroftOS iso file?

I have been reading a lot about MycroftOS and Openvoice. Is there a simple ISO file available for download that anyone is aware of? Seems everything I read about it is very cryptic to me. Thanks in advance.

Don‘t what meant by „Mycroft OS“, but this should be a good starting point: Get Started - Mycroft

Note: website was recently reorganized and some links may be broken.

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OpenVoice download page is OpenVoiceOS an open-source voice AI platform for everyone

I’ve been using it since the end of December. An alternative is Neon OS.

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We’ve got some directions up on our page that might help you through downloading and writing an OS image to a USB or SSD drive. They’ll work just as well with the other OS files as they will with ours. If that isn’t quite what you’re needing, please add some clarification and I’m sure someone here will do their best to help.