MycroftAi service audio problems

Hey there I searched the forum but I couldn’t find anything and I don’t know how to start fixing my problem. So I tried a lot to get mycroft to autostart on boot but I somehow can’t get it to work …

I am on a raspberry pi4 with raspbian lite 32bit
when I use a system service like explained here: start-mycroft-on-boot my mic doesnt show up in the mycroft-cli-client. But when I use “mycroft-start all” it works just fine.
When using the service I get this error while booting up.:
“16:16:32.643 | ERROR | 11138 | AlarmSkill | Couldn’t allocate mixer, ALSAAudioError(‘Unable to find mixer control Master,0 [default]’)”
Could it be because I use pi as user in the service file ?

I tryed putting the command “mycroft-start all” in a script that is executed via crontab with waiting time before but it won’t start mycroft at all. when I manually execute the script it starts mycroft.

I don’t know how to fix it does anyone of you has a clue ?

Hey @wieluk, welcome.

Do you have PulseAudio running?

Yes i have pulseaudio running