Mycroft won't respond to my voice

I keep saying hey Mycroft but it won’t respond I just finished the installation process

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Picroft? Git? Mk1?
Does the cli work if picroft/mk1?

I’m having similar issues with my Mk1. It does respond eventually but it takes a couple tries. Not sure if it’s the microphone placement, ambient noise or maybe it’s just buggy.

I don’t think the cli works either when I say hey mycroft he says sorry I didn’t catch that

If it’s saying it didn’t catch that, that message usually indicates that it’s gotten the wake word, but can’t understand what came after the wake word. Can you check the log (picroft/mk1 in /var/log/mycroft-speech.log) and see if you can find anything of note, or tail -f the log while you try saying something to it.

Im not sure how to check the log

It doesn’t sound like this is the case for you, but someone else might have the same issue I did.

Mycroft wouldn’t respond to my voice, so I lowered my voice half a step and said, “hey, Mycroft”. I repeated this until my voice was about half an octave lower. Mycroft responds every time now, as long as I lower my voice sufficiently.

I’m going to try other alterations to my voice and see if changing the intonation makes a difference, or emphasis on a syllable, or the speed.

If anyone else experienced this and figured it out, I would be interested in hearing your workaround.