Mycroft Wallpaper

I had the design team update my desktop wallpaper with the new logo. Here are two backgrounds in case anyone wants them:

Full Resolution Here


@J_Montgomery_Mycroft Do you still have the original layered version available of this wallpaper? I want/need the background without the logo, so I can use it for visual user information over the HDMI.


@akuataja may be able to assist here

Hey Peter @j1nx, you bet.

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Perfect, thanks. Will download it tonight.

Thanks so much @akuataja

@akuataja David, not to be that guy that wishes for three more wishes, but…

By any change you still have / want / can share the template(s) for the speaking balloons? If I have it in a bit high resolution, then I have a nice idea to put the Mycroft logo (which I can grab from the mediakit) on the side and have an almost full overlay balloon on the screen with the information I want to show/tell the the user. (not sure if I make any sense)

If not, I will dig around on the internet, no worries, but would be cool to use the exact same balloon(s) blown up on the screen.

No problem Peter.

Here is a template for speech bubbles (.ai):

Here is the wallpaper (.ai):


Thank you!

You guys really know how to build a community, aren’t you.:wink:

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OK, took another bubble because a) did not have access to AI anymore and b) rounded bubble blown-up wasn’t really looking nice.

As feedback, this is what I am going to show on the HDMI at frist boot;

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hey, I am not able to use GUI in Mycroft and I have tried everything can you please help?