Mycroft-voice doesn't respond to wav files

mycroft-voice doesn’t respond to wav files in test/client/data/*.wav.
I installed mycroft on my Ubuntu desktop.

$ ./ start
$ screen -r mycroft-voice

2017-01-06 05:19:21,004 - - INFO - Connected
2017-01-06 05:19:22,009 - mycroft.client.speech.mic - DEBUG - Waiting for wake word...

(another terminal)
$ aplay test/client/data/mycroft_wakeup.wav

No message from mycroft-voice.
But sometimes a new session starts.

2017-01-06 06:44:43,683 - mycroft.session - INFO - New Session Start: 1e7c2c0e-7ea6-4bfe-a250-39732a8c4d1b
2017-01-06 06:44:43,683 - SpeechClient - INFO - Wakeword Detected: hey mycroft

Is there any configuration to make STT work?

I would have answered this, but I’m guess I’m not entirely sure what you mean?

Wakeword is not always detected when I play the same wav file, test/client/data/mycroft_wakeup.wav.

Are you trying to automate this for testing or something? Sorry, I’m a little lost.