Mycroft to Mycroft communication

Hi all,

I’m just curious I don’t have any specific ideas yet.

I was wondering about implementing multiple Mycrofts across my house and eventually other locations.

What are some ways that they either currently function together or can function together?

For instance: Say I am in my office and I have a Mycroft there and in my living room.
Can I relay a message from one device to the other?

Any other ideas on possible things\services can be performed across mycrofts?

Currently there are no built-in Mycroft to Mycroft communication protocols, so any ideas on how to do that would be much welcomed! :slight_smile: Although there is a soon to come feature we call skill settings. Which allow mycroft to upload settings for specific skills to, and allow users to edit the settings from there. The settings can also sync across mycroft devices. You can potentially leverage that to pass messages to different mycroft devices that way. I wouldn’t say this is the best way to standardize how mycroft can communicate with other mycroft but in theory it should work.

How resource intensive is adding skills?

Since most of the work is actually done on the server and there is no real local process ran on the device itself then the number of skills I add to each pi, or mycroft shouldn’t matter right?

I have Mark 1. The big issue is with the micro phone. I have to shout at the mark to recognize a command.

Does anyone know how to adjust the mic?

proof of concept working mycroft to mycroft communication

supports file transfer, work in progress

HI there, I’ve just create a project in order to comunicate from picroft to picroft using ssh connection and say_to_mycroft commands.
At this stage it works using two skills I’ve made, skill-communicate and skill-gpio8s.
The first one is installed in a local picroft or Desktop and using ssh sends command to the remote one turnig a light on/off.

Just have a look

I’m not sure mark1 has say_to_mycroft script which is required, picroft has it.


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