Mycroft services logging

Hi, i cloned Mycroft few days ago from github, installed it on my ubuntu 16 desktop and been going through docs and was checking some of the skills.
As i couldn’t get firefox launched, i found the services logs and saw its error in skills service that " GDK_BACKEND does not match available displays".
Anyway, from this morning, although i restarted services and finally the desktop, i don’t have anymore logging appended to log files but the services run OK (if i attach to screen i can see activities going on).
Are there other logs than the ones from “mycroft-core/scripts/logs” or some debugging option to check mycroft at runtime?

Since you are looking at the scripts/logs directory, I assume that you are using the git checkout method. The logs in that location are created by the script, but the same output can be seen by starting each service with messagebus, etc.
There aren’t any more logs unfortunately beyond what you are seeing already…
I’m not sure what your issue with pygtk is, but you might try running the ./scripts/ script?

Hi there, thanks for taking a look on this one, however, while i can see the output of services, it bothers me that i do not have a file format as the ones from the logging directory and more than that, no “real” error about it :slight_smile: ( i mean i’ve seen many apps complaining at startup if log dir is not accessible, writable etc)
I am way too “young” on the git experience to pretend i know anything about it, but that pygtk installer complains that it is not in a virtual environment, so i’ll leave it to that.
I’ll see if i can get anything usable from screen output of the services i want to check and then start playing/understanding more of the layers making Mycroft tick. If not, i’ll enjoy the benefits that community will probably get through - or so i hope.

No problem!

  1. It’s possible to pipe the logs to a file, in fact this is what our (apt) init scripts and do
  2. Yeah, I suppose that since there is only one verbosity level, and not really and WARNING label, it’s a bit hard to read.
  3. You might try running workon mycroft or source ~/.virtualenvs/mycroft/bin/activate to enter the virtualenv
  4. Thanks! If you want to get faster feedback, try our slack channels :slight_smile:

Thanks, i joined the slack, mostly because i like the name :slight_smile:
Sooo, that whole installation only got through if i go into activating the virtual env…nice but now i’ll need to learn what it brings into the game - not my piece of pie but i might see where having a different user of the system than its owner tends to get into a jailed system.
In the mean time, just for curiosity sake, the log files were not updated for past 2 days - and i always start by (even done an alias for it under my user) - but i’ll try see for this in the slack.