Mycroft running on Raspbian Stretch, from branch 18.02

Hi guys, my team and I are trying to get mycroft 18.02 branch working on Raspbian Stretch. We need it to run via Python 3.5, as the skills we are developing need a minimum 3.5.

I performed a git clone of the mycroft-core repo and checked out the 18.02 branch.

Here is the output of ./start-mycroft unittest below. I’ve already had to install a huge amount of dependencies manually that hadn’t.

Right now, the hot word works, but mycroft never finds an intent. I’ve already run msm default too.

Hey @ABotelho, thanks for posting the log output. At the momen we support Picroft on Pi 3 B, running Raspbian Jessie Lite. We’ve seen several attempts to run Picroft on Raspbian Stretch, primarily for the Python 3.x support - as you’ve stated.

The key issue we can see here is the SSL failure; the other people who have tried running Picroft on Raspbian Stretch have found this the key issue as well. This thread has more information:

TL;DR Picroft isn’t ready for Raspbian Stretch yet.