Mycroft on Ubuntu

Hi, I briefly had Mycroft running on my Ubutnu install with your tutorial, but when I told Mycroft verbally to update the location to Columbus, Ohio, he updated Precise to the dev version instead, and now he can’t hear anymore.

Is there a syntax I can type in to roll that back, or should I just wipe and reinstall?

Also, is there a certain procedure I should use to properly purge the code and settings when I wipe, to make sure I get all the parts?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Jim,

You can edit the .mycroft/mycroft.conf and remove the “hotwords” section.

Similar to:

"hotwords": {
    "hey mycroft": {
      "sensitivity": 0.5,
      "module": "precise"

If you haven’t done any manual changes you should be able to just remove the file.

Last evening we merged a fix for the problem so you should also be able to pull the latest code by running git pull in the mycroft-core folder and start mycroft.

For a complete clean (will not remove the mycroft-core folder but all installed files on the system) you can run ./ --clean in the mycroft-core folder.

Welcome to the community by the way!

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Thanks, Å, you are fabulous!

I’ve got a Mk II on order, and can’t wait!

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