Mycroft on Ubuntu 16.04 audio problem

Hi everybody, I am giving mycroft another go.
I have installed him on my ubuntu laptop, bog standard version16.04. When I type questions in I usually get an audio response, but sometimes it seems to turn the volume down to nothing automatically. However I don’t think mycroft hears me. There is no activity showing on the mic level.
In ubuntu how do you get to audio settings? Bear in mind I use linux like most people use windows!
I would love some help with this.
Kind regards

Hey Aaron,

We’ve got a dedicated audio troubleshooting guide that will hopefully help.

If there’s no activity on the mic level, it sounds like your mic isn’t being picked up. So I’d first try running the audiotest.

I’d also double check that your laptop’s CPU has AVX support. This is documented in our Linux system requirements and is unfortunately required by TensorFlow which our Precise Wake Word engine uses.

Essentially from your terminal run:
grep avx /proc/cpuinfo

If you get a bunch of text returned, :+1: . If it doesn’t return anything, :-1:

Hi Jez
Thanks for your suggestions. I had to change the wake word engine and all is now almost well.
Strangely I always have to fire up mycroft twice before the mike kicks in. The first time I start it there is never any activity in the recording text thing. Any ideas?

That’s interesting.

Can I confirm the process you take when you load Mycroft twice, do you:

mycroft-start all # or debug
mycroft-stop # stops all Mycroft services
mycroft-start all # restart all services again

Or is it that you just run the start script twice eg:

mycroft-start all
mycroft-start all

and on the second time it works?

I am still having this problem months later.
I go ;
I wait and get no microphone action, so I do a control c.
I go mycroft-start debug. Again
Mycroft then starts up with full microphone

Out of curiosity, are you still on 16.04?