Mycroft on the Raspberry Pi Questions

Hi all,

I have been interested in building a raspberry pi home assistant for some time. I had originally planned to use the Alexa on Pi setup but stumbled upon Mycroft and think it might be a better fit.

My basic setup would be a ps3 Eye as the audio input and a bluetooth speaker (UE Boom) as the audio output. AFAIK this setup is completely possible with mycroft.

So far I have some basic ideas of how I want to use this. Most I have been able to find as doable however there are a few specific uses I am unsure if they work with Mycroft.

  1. Can I access my google play music account to stream music?

  2. Can I search youtube and stream the video to my speaker?

  3. Does mycroft work on the new raspberry pi zero wireless board? Or is a raspberry pi 3 strongly recommended?

  4. Once I get Picroft 0.8 installed on my Pi, whats the next step? Does everything just work or do I need to “teach” or install skills? Is there a guide on this?

Thanks for the help!

Hey PiGuy,

Thanks for finding us! It sounds like you’re in the right place.

To get to some of your questions:

  1. It’s possible, but I don’t know of anyone who’s done it yet.

  2. Yes. There are a few youtube skills you can try on the skills repository.

  3. Some people have said that it works on the zero, but I haven’t tested it myself yet, so not sure. I would recommend the RPi3.

  4. There are some basic skills that come pre-loaded. For anything else you’ll have to download them from the skills repo.

For a setup guide, checkout our docs:

To install skills, you can either use msm or just git clone into the skills folder. There isn’t exactly a guide for this, but sounds like something that we should get up soon.