Mycroft on the One Robot

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Mycroft is happy to share that the One Robot by TheCorpora now has Mycroft available to all users. Thanks to great work by Mycroft and Community Member @malevolent, all Q.Bo One users will be able to turn their robot friend into a full-featured voice assistant.

With Mycroft’s open platform, users can choose the wake word and voice of their assistant, and build great new skills to interact with the environment. Existing users will be able to add Mycroft to their devices soon, and new One robots will ship with Mycroft built in!

Watch running Mycroft One is the interactive, open robot for makers, developers, kids, and educators. It’s also based on RaspberryPi and Arduino, so Mycroft is right at home on’s hardware. was made to introduce low-cost interactive robots to the world. Their goal is to help people learn more about robotics and the opportunities it can bring.

If you’re a community member visiting Mycroft for the first time, welcome! We’re happy to welcome you to the Mycroft Community. Find out more about Mycroft at the Get Started page, in our Documentation and on our Github. To introduce yourself to the Community and get help if you get stuck, join us in our Chat and Forum.

To learn more about and Thecorpoa, check out their post about Mycroft and explore their site. One robots are also available on Indiegogo Indemand for immediate shipping.


It’s awesome seeing mycroft getting adopted into even more places!