Mycroft on the Desktop!

We are nearing our grand source code release. Mycroft runs just fine on the desktop as far as I’ve tested (on Arch and various Ubuntu versions). But in order to really make it useful we need some kind of interface (I think) for displaying information as well as speaking it.

Anyone want to help with this? I figured Mycroft could be a notification icon that pops up a little notification window that displays the information he is speaking about. Whatcha think?


I like the idea of it look like the dropbox applet (thingy) from Mac OSX (image):

It would be mostly out of the way for the most part then. However the only desktop I know this wont work on is Gnome 3.

How about a Gnome 3 or Ubuntu Desktop Integration like this ? KDE could pop up from the bottom. (Integrate with desktop theme)


@Aix this is exactly what I imagined. Wanna help us make it? :smile:


I’d be interested in doing KDE integration.

I’ll get started and see where I end up.

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Sure, point us at the repo here so that others can join in!