Mycroft on Raspberry Pi Zero: Picroft Not supported why?

I would like to know why is Picroft Not supported on Raspberry Pi Zero ? can any one help me ?

My guess is the smaller memmory that makes it difficult to run mycroft.
The Pi Zeros only has 512 Mb ram while the “normal” Pi’s hs 1024 Bm ram.

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Thanks for your help

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512M of memory is actually enough to run MyCroft. It has to do with CPU load.

On a Pi2 the cpu load is always above 0.6 when waiting for a command. This means that more than 60% of the time there is work for 1 core (on a Cortex A7). The poor old single armv6zk core on a Pi Zero just won’t do an adequate job of keeping up.

Note that the Pi3 model A+ can easily handle the load, and MyCroft will fit in it’s 512M ram.


thank you for your great answer :smiley:


what about the raspberry Pi Zero W? It says in the shop that the CPU is over clocked, would that help? or is the zero overclocked in general?