Mycroft on Dietpi with other software

Currently, I’m running a RasPi 4 with Dietpi for OwnCloud and Pi-Hole. Will I be able to run Mycroft on it without any problems, while keeping the other two services active? My RAM usage is at about 20%. I’d install it via DietPi.

My plan is to buy a USB-Microphone (probably the PS3 eye) and speakers via the headphone jack.

Will I be able to use Mycroft in two languages?

Not gonna speak to Pi, because I don’t speak Pi =P but I’ll drive by your question about languages: short-term, not at the same time. Long-term, absolutely.

Mycroft is only officially supported (by the company) in English, because, so far, only English is fully supported in code. However, the code that makes it multilingual is there, and you can absolutely use it in a number of non-English languages, with varying degrees of success.

In order to use Mycroft in a particular language, you need a few things, only some of which come from Mycroft or this community:

  • Speech-to-Text (not made here, but exists in plenty of languages)
  • Text-to-Speech (same deal)
  • Lingua Franca (parser/formatter library, made here) needs to support the language in question, contributions always appreciated
  • Mycroft skills need the correct vocabulary to work in your language (contribute your socks off)

how to make Mycroft truly multilingual, as in, speaks more than one language at the same time, is probably one of the next big challenges for the whole community, because all the moving parts have to fit together.

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would guess the DietPi (even though its base is debian) portion of the setup is the most problematic, not knowing your bandwith of services/users served by both owncloud and pi hole.* This “optimization” comes at a price. Yet, this is purely speculation.

*You may discover lower responiveness when those peak.

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Owncloud and Pihole are only for a few devices (though Owncloud has many files, and some huge ones).

Dietpi installation should work, at least it’s supported.

If only peak times are problems, I’ll try it. Just ordered a microphone!

On an Raspberry Pi 4, a home ownCloud/Nextcloud together with Mycroft should be no problem. The chance is rare that high webserver/PHP usage peaks and a certain Mycroft task are done concurrently, and even if, the delay should be minimal, priorities could be set via dietpi-config (i.e. service nice levels).

Pi-hole (the DNS requests) alone uses close to zero resources, when used as home or small office instance, it runs with hundreds of users on an RPi Zero :wink:, so that can be ignored.

However, currently our implementation seems to not run OOTB on most devices, but we discuss this in the separate topic you opened.