Mycroft on Desktop Status?

I run Mycroft in the docker environment on my Kubuntu desktop.
I saw on this forum that the Mycroft organisation has some real problems with patent trolls, money and that the project seems to have been moved to another organisation!

How will this affect me? Will it affect the way my desktop app is running? Are there things to be mindful of?

This is what is happening with mycroft and its successors.

OVOS also provides docker containers and images


Hi @nshiell, to add to what Chance said, I’m not sure that this will affect you at all in the short term. In the long term, the project you are using right now has ceased to be developed so you’ll probably need to change what you use. OVOS & Neon are the successor projects.

Although we’re most known on this forum for the Neon AI operating system for the Mycroft Mark II device, the Neon AI Team does much more, including providing the following services:


It’s also worth noting that the OVOS Assistant is developed on Linux by Linux users. It’s an awkward moment to offer specifics beyond the docker images, because our packaging and GUI offerings are expanding and in flux.

A desktop UI will be forthcoming. It’s possible more than one will be forthcoming, due to technical changes decoupling the interface. We aren’t ready to say whether development will resume on the existing one.

Legacy Mycroft instances like yours are expected to break down in phases, depending on which of MycroftAI’s services go down first and how the instance is configured. I agree with Clary’s analysis.


… so yup, the MyCroft servers did go down
Has anyone managed to get a MyCroft like assistant working on Ubuntu desktop etc?

easiest way is

you should move to either OVOS or Neon


Yes, here: GitHub - mike99mac/minimy-mike99mac: simple nlp based voice assistant framework

“Minimy” was adapted by Ken Smith as Mycroft was going under. I forked it and have been maintaining it. Ken has been helping me on the side (thanks Dude!). My main focus has been music playing skillls.

Interesting you ask for Ubuntu Desktop, because that is my “go to” distro, and largely what the documentation is based on.

The intent parser has much hard-coded English so supporting other languages as input would be a great task. I did update the speak() function to speak_lang(), which uses ./dialog/<lang>/ directories, so supporting other languages as output should be easier.

I do not intend to compete with OVOS or Neon in any way - it is just a different fork of the original Mycroft-core code.

-Mike Mac
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