Mycroft now available as Raspberry Pi image

I’m happy to announce that Mycroft is now available as a Raspberry Pi image that is easy to download and install.

I want give a special shout to Steve Penrod and his team for the stellar work on this. They did a great job and we’re lucky to have them on board.


Sweet! Any chance I could get a Bluetooth speaker/microphone working? I will play with this tonight, thanks.

Please make the image smaller so it fits on a 4 GB sdcard.
I don’t know the detais but my kingston 4GB sdcard has not GB.
udisksctl gives me a size of 3904897024
I can’t give you a standard but 4GB SD-Cards aren’t 4GB

For others here’s a link to do it:

Thanks for the cake

Good news indeed. Well done.

HOWEVER, I am not too keen using other OS’s than the Raspian.
So I would much much prefer an installation rather that a full pre-prepared OS+Your Mycroft.

Any chance of that?

Twosky2000: I stopped using 4 and 8 GB Cards. 4GB is a bit minimalistic. I now use 16GB and so have a lot of space to play with. When the 32GB SD get even more cheaper I’ll migrate to that.
One can copy a 16GB (or 4GB) Image to a 32 GB (8GB) SD by using a partition tool on the RPi to create a 16GB (4 GB) partition - then copy the image - and after copy expand the original partition to 32GB(8GB).

I’m not sure what the minimum card size is, but we are planning to ship with 8 Gb cards I believe.

@steve.penrod, could you maybe clarify this a bit?

@Bonzadog - We would love some help packaging up Mycroft as a dpkg and submitting it through the Raspberry Pi foundation’s process. Is that something you’d be willing to help with?

I am afraid I have no experience to that, so I cannot help…much as I would like to.
Thank you for entertaining the idea…


Hey folks,

First off, the image has been slightly updated to fix a couple minor issues some people were seeing with Blue Snoball mics and wifi setup. You can pull it down from the same link:

The image fits on all of the 4gb microSD cards I have around here. Perhaps the one are trying has some damaged sectors and is reporting smaller? I’ll see if I can shrink it further. I’d recommend using a bigger microSD if you can, though – Skills could use up space on a small card after a while. Actually, it was hard for me to find 4gb cards last time it looked!

@Bonzadog, this is based on Raspbian. I pulled down the Jessie Lite build of Rapian from (although I see they have just place a new version there), then installed mycroft-core plus a couple extra scripts in the home directory to make it simple for people to get started. I can post the steps on the project wiki so you can build it yourself if you’d prefer.

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Lets keep the standard to 4GB.

Hi, Noob question, I have a fresh Pi3, and am writing the PiCroft image to a 32gb sd, can you please confirm that Jessie Lite is part of that image I don’t need to setup my Pi first with the JessLite on the card then partion (gussing here) and put the PiCroft image in the partion. told you I was a noob, I get better when I’ve warmed up, just like Pi3 :D. Mike.

My bad if this is in the wrong place I just thought it was latest Pi post and not enough for a new post. This is my 2nd Pi3 if that makes any reply easier.

Update: After several attempts and fails I have not written the image to the sd card. After a warning that “writing directly to a physical device can corrupt (target device [H;] 'boot”) ." and pressing Write I have “error 23 cyclic redundancy check” at 5% progress, 3 attempts. I did reformat once because the format gave a msg that quick flash had been cancelled even though thats not what I chose.

Update: USB 3 fail USB 2 success.

Hey there!

Yes, the PiCroft image is based on JessieLite, so you don’t need to install that first.

Also, just to confirm, you got it working?

Hi, I did burn the image, as yet I have not booted it. I have bought a USB mic yesterday on TradeMe, (NZ version of eBay), and am just awaiting delivery.

There is mention of CM108 based mic on the github PiCroft page, google returns images of usb soundcards with rca jacks, so I am crossing fingers that the mic I have purchased works. Although rca mics come in some very cool retro models which would be great to have if they worked.

$10 Retro rca mic

$12 Retro rca mic

Google search result for CM108 based microphone - images of soundcards no mics.

Thanks for the reply, I’m sure you are all extremely busy.

Those don’t look like RCA jacks; they look like mic in and stereo out, so it’s a usb adapter for standard 3.5 mm stereo jacks.

It’s really just a USB based mic vs a 3.5mm plug mic. Hypothetically, you could get the adapter and plug in a wired mic, but we haven’t tested that.

For example, the one I’ve been using is the cheapest looking one, which is just a USB plug with a mic attached.

It works if you’re speaking right on top of it. I would not expect it to work well at range, though.

My mistake, your right, I will give that a go once I get it up and running, and have a fall back position.

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know there is a new image on the original blog post above, so if you haven’t gotten that image, try that if you were having any issues and let us know.

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OK, so anyone got it talking to Squeeze/PiCore yet?

I prefer to build picroft by myself too. I already have a Pi running Home Assistant and I hope I can add Mycroft into the same Pi without adding another Pi

Great news! quick question will it work on Pi Zero?

That is an excellent question. Can you give it a try and let us know?