Mycroft not telling pairing code or doing anything else to connect

Hi everyone,

after starting Mark II the device is ready and I can talk to it. But unfortunately it is not working very well. Local music could not be found from USB and so on. So I tried to check if I can install skills.

I guess I therefore have to connect via SSH. I therefore have to create key pair and store it to the account and the device have to connect to it. I therefore have to get the pairing code from the device and the device have to connect. But the device does nothing. It does not tell me the code. So I asked for it but it says it does not understand.

I musst add that connecting to WLAN is not working as well. It always results in an error and it says I shall check the password but it’s correct. So the device is connected via LAN.

Can someone tell me how I can connect via SSH if the device is not willing to provide the pairing information?

Thanks in advance for any help.