Mycroft Not say all the sentence

Hi guys.

I’ve seen that my mycroft not say the first seconds of the sentence.

For example, if I ask information about a movie, it skip the first words and continue, but in the debug console, I can see that the answer is correct.

And if I ask “How are you”, I can see the answer in the console “I’m fine thanks” but I can’t hear anything…I think that it depends on speech delay setting.

Do you have this problem?

I am experiencing the opposite, that last few words are not spoken.

I think that the problem is related to hdmi audio output ( I’m connetced to the TV )…do you use the jack with normal speakers??

has anyone else encountered this problem?

I’ve not solved yet :frowning:

Not for several years.

Check in /tmp/mycroft/ there’s a cache directory for TTS output, try playing those wav files via command line and see if they output correctly.