Mycroft not reacting to wakeword sometimes

I got Mycroft working on Ubuntu, did a few test-commands, went out for an hour, came back, and now it’s not working. I can see the microphone is working in the cli, and can get Mycroft to answer any query I type, but it doesn’t react to the wake word.

I had initially changed it to Hey Jarvis, but it is now set to Hey Mycroft, the default. I can see in the terminal output that this change has been recognized, but neither wake word works.

EDIT: Ok, it comes and goes. It reacted again for a little while, but now it’s stopped.

Resurrecting this to say, be sure you’re using precise for the listener. It helps a great deal. Currently only “Hey Mycroft” is pre-modeled, but if you have reasonable command line skill making your own model is super easy.

Hi there @Nicholas_Ipsen thanks for reporting this issue, and sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. There are a couple of things to check here that might help.

  • First, check that you are using Precise by default. Say Hey Mycroft, what listener are you using and if it’s not Precise, say Hey Mycroft, set the listener to Precise.
  • Second, use a program like alsamixer to check that the boost / levels on your microphone are high enough. This can in particular be an issue with built-in microphones.
  • If the issue continues after this let us know and we can do some more digging.

Best, Kathy

Ah, this is interesting. My listener was… well, actually I don’t know what it was but it wasn’t “Precise”, so I have instructed the change. Early days but it does appear to be understanding me more often. The trouble is I have an accent from the “West country”. We roll our “R’s”, which makes us sound kind of relaxed I guess. Google “The Wurzels”, a local band from Somerset the next country to Wiltshire. Our accent is a bit like theirs. However on the basis, Mycroft is performing very well under the circumstances.

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Totally hearing you, @Darmain - my Dad’s family is Northumbrian!

The more we are able to capture different dialects and accents, and genders and age ranges, the more we’ll e able to train the Wake Word neural network to accurately recognise those dialects.

Aark at 'ee, Mycroft :wink:

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