Mycroft Netflix client

Hi, I am really interested in this project and want to contribute with anything I can help.

Meanwhile, I am wondering how Mycroft plays Netflix videos (as seen in the demo video at indiegogo) as there is no Netflix client for Linux (and not ARM).

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It does this via the Chromecast API. That is how it handles most video right now, however, we would like to explore many different ways to put stuff up on TVs.


Wow! Clever! That is a really good idea as it’s not necessary to develop a TV UI. Like it!

Ordinarily, the Netflix app uses the Chromecast API to tell the chromecast what what content to stream from Netflix’ servers (passing arguments for content ID and autorization in encrypted one-time use keys). I suppose I’m wondering how a 3rd party utility (like pychromecast) would be able to obtain the content ID and authorization token from Netflix in order to send those using the Chromecast API?

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Sorry, yes, @Chris_Harper you are correct. To elaborate, the idea has been to handle things this way. The implementation around Netflix is not finished yet (although in the earliest version of Mycroft there were hacks for dealing with a variety of services).

Likely what it looks like to do this proper is Mycroft (the company), needs to build a relationship (with Netflix and Google, for instance) that allows for this stuff to be implemented correctly.

Ya that was something I was wondering about too, how to incorporate 3rd party apps and services accounts, connectivity between mycroft and companies like netflix, amazon prime / Kindle, if it would require a business to business connection, in order for them to allow mycroft to connect to them.

Just to be sure: it looks to me like the Mycroft Mark 1 won’t have Netflix skill or similar, right?