Mycroft Music Survey Results

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Back in February, we asked the Community to vote for the music services they’d like to see on Mycroft. After almost 1000 responses, the Mycroft music survey results have been tallied.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer this survey. Knowing what the Community uses and wants to use on their Mycroft devices helps guide efforts in development and partnerships, and gives us strong data to use when approaching potential providers.

Here are the results of the music survey:

Service Response Rate
Spotify Premium 39.14%
Local Radio (iHeart, TuneIn) 34.32%
Local Media Server Support 28.29%
Spotify Free 22.37%
Other Streaming Services 20.83%
Logitech Squeezebox 10.09%
Plex Server 8.77%
Pandora 8.44%
Google Play Music 5.59%
Amazon Prime Music 4.06%
MPD 2.63%
DLNA Support 2.41%
Youtube Music 2.41%
Deezer 2.30%
Kodi 2.19%
Apple Music/iTunes 2.08
Soundcloud 1.97%
Emby Server 1.64%
Sonos Control 1.21%

Some interesting notes:

Desire for Spotify support in some form was heard from more than 55% of all respondents. It does speak clearly of Spotify’s current predominance in the streaming music field.

Broadcast and internet radio services like TuneIn and iHeartRadio were dark horse runners-up in overall votes. Luckily, in the time the survey was open, Community Skill Author @johnbartkiw posted a TuneIn Radio skill AND an iHeartRadio skill to the Skill Feedback section of the forum. Try them out if you love internet radio, and thanks to @johnbartkiw for your work!

Though local media servers like Plex, Emby, Squeezebox, and others collectively represent the Community’s third-most requested solution, the fragmented nature of individual suggestions means there’s not a far-and-away winner. However, many respondents did say something to the effect of “I currently use [this open local media solution] but would give any other one a shot if it was well supported.” Many of the listed local media solutions do have skills in development, and Emby is in the Skill Marketplace. Search around for your platform of choice, try out the skills that exist, and give feedback and code fixes back to the Skill Author. Then in the future, we may do a run-off of local and personal server solutions to give a clearer idea of which one or two are most adopted.


You have excellent timing with your TuneIn Skill @johnbart!!

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Glad that the skills I wanted matched with most of the crowd. :slight_smile: