Mycroft Multilingual


first of all very interesting project!

I installed mycroft for Linux yesterday just for fun on my Ubuntu Machine and it worked quite well out of the box.
Now Im thinking to link it with my Smarthome FHEM Server but I have one question before I dive deeper into the world of AI:

I saw the instructions on how to add german language Support here

Because of leck of time I couldnt try it yet but I would like to know if mycroft is able to act multilingual like that, meaning I can talk in english AND german with him and he answers accordingly or is it “either or”?!
I would need that feature because my wife and me mostly speak english but visitors mostly german so mycroft should be able to understand and talk both.

Any comment appreciated :slight_smile:

mycroft only supports 1 language at the time currently, the Speech To Text step is not language agnostic, the only way for this to work is to develop a mechanism to identify the language being spoken before STT step, which is non trivial and non existing, yet :slight_smile:

imagine yourself trying to read an unknown language, you have no idea what sounds each letter combination is supposed to make, so you read it with a funny accent that a native speaker probably cant understand, mycroft is the opposite, he has no idea how to write the sounds you just made into text unless he know what language you are speaking first

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Servus! Great question. @jarbas_ai is correct - Mycroft can only handle one language at once, as the language depends heavily on the Device configuration. Our language support at the moment is experimental, but we hope to improve it over time.

Thanks for your feedbacks.
Just a crazy Idea: Would it be possible to let two instances of mycroft run on one system, lets say maybe in two virtual machines or Dockers Containers or whatever and to “teach” each of the instances a different language with a different Hot Word?
In theory each Instance would only respond to their Hot Word in their language which should work, I just don´t know if the Instances have to run on two different systems or if they can also run on the same system and share the libraries.

The ability to recognize two languages is not essential but would be very nice to convince my wife :slight_smile: