Mycroft Modding

Since there’s no category yet for this, I’ll begin this discussion here and move it later.

Because Mycroft is based on Raspberry Pi 2 with snappy open hardware and be hackable, that means that Mycroft is hightly moddable.

Of course the shape of the original Mycroft is very cute, but maybe you will need to have your Mycroft units looks like something else.

This is few ideas of mods for Mycroft:

  • Mycroft Magic Mirror
  • MycroftKitt, A very smart computer for your car
  • SpiderCroft, a Mycroft units with legs
  • MyAirCroft, a flying Mycroft units
  • TeddyCroft, a smart companion for kids

I’ll detailed what on my mind with those ideas in the following post.

Let’s share your ideas too.


I like the smart car idea. I have been tinkering with a smart car idea myself, however I am not comfortable going into details just yet.

Regardless, I think a MyCroft car should be somehow connected with the home MyCroft. Giving you status updates on the home.

“Sir, motion has been detected in your living room”


@Dominique For car it could be a mix of Mycroft and i-carus with an “osciloscop” display (as Kitt and the voice of course)

Could be cool if Mycroft could be able to communicate with the car. “Sir, you should go the next station or you’ll be quickly oil out. There is lot’s of traffic. should I record the match of soccer ?”

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Yeah a MyCroft in the car would have to make it smart @Winael so yeah, I would agree. I was talking like that was a given a MyCroft car would have to make the car smart. However I was also stating that there should also be some sort of connection with the car MyCroft and the one in the home.

Thanks for that link. I was looking into conducting my experiment with a stereo that has Android OS on it.

Mycroft Magic Mirror

Those who follow RPi projects may know this great project : the DIY Magic Mirror

I think that we could easily build a Mycroft Magic Mirror, with the camera I hope we will have (if Indiegogo campaign succeded), and some of Denise ( :wink: @Dominique).

It could be a great mod for a bathroom or corridor Mycroft units.

What do you think ?

That is just too cool @Winael thank you for sharing. I love the idea. I had a similar idea but wanted to use a projector onto a wall. This UI looks a tad dated, if they had a new one that is would give the options of changing avatar to whatever you wanted I would really be impressed.

I am still very immersed with Denise however when I get a hold of MyCroft, I see Denise faded away. MyCroft has a massive amount of potential.

But the avatar side of Denise is very interesting and could be a great complement to Mycroft

I really like SpiderCroft (I have thought about this before). TeddyCroft is awesome as well.

Yeah @Winael , she does probably have the best looking avatar on the market. Have you ever heard of Vox Commando? Some guy used the API within Denise and integrated it with Vox Commando. Thus essentially turning Denise into a talking head using the VC software as the brains.

Mycroft Modding category added!

Never hear before about VC, but it’s exactly what a magic mirror need, Mycroft replacing VC :smiley:

Myself and the mad scientist are planning on doing just that. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

While Mycroft out of the box is… cute.
Giving it a toy like appearance (talking mouth) vs Amazons Echo may actually minimize how awesome Mycroft could be and turn off adult buyers.

Don’t get me wrong, Mycroft is the future and I’m super excited for it to integrate with the rest of my home.


We’ve thought about this a bit. I could see another product spinning out of this that is aimed at different preferences.

Would love to integrate Mycroft into - at Beacon Safety Co. for a AI interface. We’re working on a 2.0 version and we think it would be great to enlist Mycroft.

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@Craig_Merry awesome stuff. Yeah, let’s talk via PM.

Message sent - we’re probably looking at Mimic integration first and relatively soon! Got a big boost from investors and target market on a pivot, so we’re excited :slight_smile: and we really really want some intelligent computer voice to be there :slightly_smiling: