Mycroft Marketplace preview

I’m excited to share our first view of the Mycroft Marketplace! We’ve been working towards this for some time – see the ROADMAP: The Marketplace – and are thrilled to be able to share the first tangible evidence of this work with the community.

At this stage think of the Marketplace Preview as a “soft opening”. You can get a great feel for where this is heading, but we are still busily hooking up the plumbing to all the fixtures behind the scenes. Explore it, try things out and give us your feedback, please!

In the near future look for these features to be enabled:

  • Single sign on, allowing us to know who you are and what devices you have on your account
  • Install button will push a skill to your devices (first step)
  • Install will allow selection of devices (next step)
  • Uninstall of skills from devices
  • Ties between the Marketplace and skill settings for installed skills

A further down the road will be adding services for Skill authors to manage private API keys for use by skills they publish, OAuth, financial services (e.g. paid skills), etc.

For skill authors, this give you a better idea of why we were pushing you to use the Mycroft Skill README Generator for 18.08. This will allow you to represent you skills well in this Marketplace.

We love to hear your feedback as we shape the future together!



Just point Marketplace should be prepared for multi-language I can see “Languages” under each skill (just english at the moment even some skills are already in other languages). I can think right now for example in the marketplace itself in more languages or filter the skills by language, to show only those in the filtered lang.

You can use the SSO to pre-select the configured default’s language on user’s mycroft to use in the marketplace as default languange.

Another idea to give more “joy” to the marketplace perhaps would be put some screenshots of the Mark I face | Mark II (Mark III or perhaps desktop widgets) screen for the skills which uses the screen (like weather forecast), or why not, a video of the skill in action.

Finally, I think the tiering of the marketplace and the skill settings’ page are critical for non-tech users, so having a centralized place to install/uninstall and configure the skills for all (together or not) devices and widgets is not only a good idea but essential for broaden the usage.

Just saw the marketplace has changed since last time I visited it. So far is quite neat.

I miss the ability to install skills per devices (a la google play store). For example, I did install Email skill manually on Mark I and on the market appears as installed, but I would like to install now on my laptop, but it doesn’t allow me to install because it says it’s already installed.

On the other hand, the weather skill, which is installed by default (at least, I don’t remember installing it in any device) appears as installable and it tries to install on all my devices.

I don’t know if skill supported languages are ‘blocked’ to english until multi-language support will be offered on mycroft. For example, email skill seems to have just english support but it has support for 4 languages.

Now there are so few skills, is not a big deal scrolling down through categories, but a category filter on top or left (like amazon does, for example) would be helpful to see in a simple glance how many categories are and to jump into that category immediately.