Mycroft Mark II stuck on loading screen

I got a Mycroft Mark II and am having trouble with the basic setup. On this page, it says:

It will take a few minutes for your Mark II to boot up. First it will display a color Mycroft Logo, next the logo will pulse white, the screen will then turn black for several moments and then it will display an animated Mycroft logo. After that it will display a start up checklist beginning with “Connect to the internet.”

When I turn on the device, it gets to the white-pulsing logo and never progresses past that point. I’m unsure of why this is, or what the best way to fix this would be. I’ve waited for up to an hour, unplugged and replugged the device, removed and reinserted the USB, etc. Nothing seems to work. I was thinking of installing Neon or something else instead, but I really would rather figure out what is happening and get it to work. Any suggestions re: troubleshooting or addressing this problem are appreciated.

Something similar happened to me. I had it setup, somehow messed up the configuration, and tried to reset it and got stuck on a loading screen. What I did was just reimage the latest version of mycroft-dinkum onto my flash drive and start again.

That definitely doesn’t solve the root problem, but it got me going again.

Responding a bit late, but this fixed it for me too.

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