Mycroft Mark Detailed Features

Is there a place I can find all the features the Mark I & Mark II can do with great detail?

I mainly would like to know if it will allow me to use DuckDuckGo instead of Google, Infogalactic instead of Wikipedia, and if it can sync to my phone or tablet and play the music saved on the SD card on that device since I like to listen to flac music files over mp3.

If you can write python, then you can make a skill or replacement skill for pretty much anything. DuckDuckGo has one a skill:

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Hey there @trymeout, we have some of this information documented in our Mark II Kickstarter FAQs;

Basically if there is a Skill for it, you can use it. We had a DuckDuckGo Skill at one point, but I think it’s a bit out of date now. I can confirm that we don’t have an Infogalactic Skill, which would be a Fallback Skill, a special type of Skill which is triggered when no other Skill can match the Intent.

At the moment, it can’t sync to phone or tablet, but if you could find a way to do that (? rcp, scp or similar ?) then it might be possible.

Let me know if you need more information,
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