Mycroft mark 1 pi4

Is their anyway that I can use a pi 4 with my mycroft mark 1?

Probably problems with drivers - Mark-I is still on Debian Jessie and as far as I know RPI4 requires Debian Buster.

RPI4 can get very hot which might lead to other problems.

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Do you know of a way that I can use debian buster with mycroft mark 1?

Hi AutoBoy,

As Dominik mentioned the Pi4 requires a Debian Buster based image. There are significant differences between that and Jessie which would require a whole lot of work. We haven’t even mapped out what would be required as we won’t be building any more Mark 1’s and the number of people upgrading it to a Pi4 would be very small.

If you wanted to try get it working, all the code is open source and on our Github, but it’s not something we’ll be working on internally, we need to stay focused on the Mark II.

Is there a particular reason for wanting the Mark 1? For the aesthetics of the eyes and mouth I assume?

I want to be able to use a pi 4 as it is faster than a pi3 at least when I tested picroft. Can you tell me what modules mycroft Mark 1 uses?