Mycroft ll is dead

I recieved mycroft ll in feb 2023.
Have been working with it on and off for several months now.
I had made some progress with it.
But 2 days ago it was totaly dead. Won’t power up.
tried a second power suppy but nothing.
I have sent a message to mycroft about this. Waiting for a responce.
Has anyone had to return for repair or replacement?
look forward to feedback on this issue.

Yep - I had mine replaced a few months ago. Some of the SJ-201 daughterboards have an issue with the power. You should hear back from support fairly soon and they’ll start the RMA process.

good to know they have responded

FYI, same thing happened to me, and I did get an RMA number and the suggestion I wait for the new MkII and use its packing to return the old one. No new one yet.

Encountering the same issue. Did you fill out Contact - Mycroft to request a RMA or is there another way to request one?

Email to


I’m confused. I’m not a techie but invested in Mycroft thru then bought a MarkII. The thing went ‘blank’ a cpl months ago. So I have a ‘dead’ thing after the significant investment made in the company and in the unit. Is someone actually responding to requests for help…or is there at least a secondary market for Mark II units where I can recoup a few bucks? Thanks! Gary,

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If you’d like to use your unit, it sounds like you probably want a consumer system, in which case you want everything Neon. How you proceed from here depends on what’s wrong with the unit, which will involve a little troubleshooting. That FAQ should answer your initial “wtf” questions and point you in a direction, but if it doesn’t, please let me know.

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I just need the ‘thingie’ that plugs into the back of the Mark II which, at one point, made it operate.Now, for whatever reason, it went blank. As Mycroft was {veeeerrrryyyyy sllloowwwwly) ‘learning’ things. It died. So, I have a ‘blank little white thingie’ (assuming thumb drive) that plugs into the unit that made it ‘work’. Obviously there’s snickering among those who know how the f**k this works. I don’t. I’m just one of the guys who invested in the company and also bought a unit. In the process I lost a chunk of change. I would like this little sucker to at least ‘work’. Thanks! :wink:

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Righto, my paging @NeonClary will almost certainly cause her to contact you, either right here or at that email address. She has the stash of those things (and all the other customer service stuff; I’m from the other entity, the nonprofit for nerds)

There will still be some troubleshooting to determine whether that thing really is the problem, but if it isn’t, Clary is also the spare parts person. I’d figure on tomorrow or Monday.


Hi Scott, I’m answering the Mycroft helpdesk emails for them right now. You can just email (or hello@, or warranty@, they all go to the same inbox).

I’ll need you to try plugging in your Mark II to power without any boot drives inserted. If the fan runs, it’s likely the boot drive and we’d like to try a new one of those first. I do have some replacement Dinkum boot drives which I send out for those people who are using Dinkum, though I usually send a Neon OS along with it to try out when they feel up to it.

If you plug in power without a drive in it and the fan doesn’t even come on, then it’s an RMA.

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Hi @Gary_Branchaud :slight_smile: I see your support email. Thank you for retaining your sense of humor in spite of everything! I’ll send you a replacement Mycroft ‘thingie’, and also a Neon OS thingie with its instructions separated into their own little baggie. That way you can choose to continue with your Mycroft Dinkum experience or open and try out our Neon OS when and if you would like to. :slight_smile:

We appreciate the input of our least technical users just as much as others, since as Chance said, Neon AI aspires to have our OS work for everyone. So if you have time please do let me know what you think if you try it.

Also, if you (or anyone in a similar position) would like support when starting up Neon I’m happy to have a video call with you. It’s amazing how much I can learn about the user experience just from helping someone through something. Since we don’t receive any data back from our OS, active user feedback is the only way we’ll learn the end-user perspective on how we can improve. :slight_smile:

Same deal with one of the two Mark II’s I have, the daughterboard failed and I of course only realized that after I already bought a new pi.

Anyway, someone told me about the RMA process on this forum and they definitely responded, it was someone from neon that handled the request. My replacement is actually being delivered on Monday, so I’m very happy because I thought we’d be SOL. Good luck!

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Thanks @NeonClary! I sent an additional email to with a video link demonstrating that the fan does not turn on when plugged in.

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Thanks for all the feedbacks, etc. I obviously spaced-out & didn’t chk back for responses. In the meantime I have been contacted and have some stuff coming in the mail. Will see what happens.

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