Mycroft Linux keeps asking "can i craft"

Mycroft keeps asking me " can i craft"
How do i respond to that?
What does He want?

I am lost.



Hi @Tim_Holzhausen, thanks for letting us know.

Can you give us some more information to enable us to help troubleshoot the issue with you?

  • What sort of Mycroft installation are you using - Picroft, Mark 1 or Linux (and if linux, which linux)
  • Have you connected to Wifi?
  • Have you paired?
  • Has it worked before?

Kind regards,

It is an installation on an Ubuntu system.
I can ask him stuff and He responds.

Everthing seems fine but every couple of minutes He ask “can i craft”

OK, are you able to provide your skills.log and your voice.log so I can have a look at what’s going on? They should be in /var/log/mycroft on your system.

Best, Kathy

Should i post it as quote?
Because i can’t attach the files.

I will install new and will see, if the error is still there.

OK, you can also use for the logs if that’s easier.

How did you go, @Tim_Holzhausen ?